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26Jan Empathy’s auto-away

Empathy‘s literally sending the user away with this kind of support. On how to disable the auto-away feature, you can read in the FAQ: How can I disable idling / auto-away? Switch to Pidgin. (not really, missing documentation) Guess I really should stick with pidgin.. Edit: For that and more, I’m back to pidgin!

21Dec Tuxes

As a long time Linux user, my love for Tux and penguins isĀ enormous. Yesterday I’ve spent the day visiting once again the Zoo in Lisbon, where I’ve bought myself a gift. I’ll have some full-time company in my desk from now on šŸ˜€

20Dec Install fglrx in Karmic

It’s been a long time since I started to use Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic. The main frustration over it was that I was unable to get my ATI Radeon HD3650 to work with the proprietary driver. A kernel panic would happen when X started.. Since the open-source drivers still don’t work that well with the HD […]

06Dec Codebits 2009

Wow, that was something! This past 3 days I was at Codebits. That, I have to say, was one of the best tech conferences I’ve ever been.

27Mar Ubuntu 9.04 Beta

I’ve been using jaunty for a couple of weeks now, and, despites the issue with ati cards, I thinks that there’s a really good Ubuntu release coming out! But, the beta is out, go on, download, test and enjoy it yourself!

10Jan Sidebar Categories in Nautilus

After Apple released the categorized sidebar in finder, GNOME developers thought that it would look nice to have something similar in nautilus. There’s already work being done, you can follow it in the bug page, but, in the end, we’ll probably get something like this: