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25Sep HTC G1 with Android

Coordinated by Google, the Android platform has been finally released into the market! T-Mobile is already accepting pre-orders for the first HTC with it, the G1, being priced at $179.99 (plus taxes and fees; two-year agreement required). You can see the video about it at HTC home page, but before that, here are the specs: […]

17Jun Firefox 3.0

The final version is finally out! I’ve been using the release cores for a long time now, and they’re outstanding. Definitely, my browser of choice! This new version includes:

03Jun Suse Studio – Create your distribution

The Suse team has created a fast distro creator. You can configure your own instalation images, not only by the packages that you want to be included, but also add extra files to it, anywhere. It’s completly free and a new image can be costumized in less than ten minutes, so, try it out!

31May Big Buck Bunny

And it’s out! The second open source powered movie, made from Blender, has been released. I’m already downloading it, from bittorrent, and anxious to watch it! Obviously, the download is completely free, but you can choose to order the DVD to support the team and the next open movie. If you’re wandering, the first open […]

14May Updates

After a long time without time, I’ve finally managed to update my WordPress installation and theme. It’s now using the latest 2.5.1 and, I think, it looks neat:) Also, after testing my SSH keys, I’ve found out that they were vulnerable due to a patch in Debian, which made the random number generator guesseable. If […]

24Apr Ubuntu 8.04 is out!

With a bunch of changes, the Canonical supported Linux distribution is ready for you to download it, and see that, indeed, Linux can be for Human Beings!! Quick post in a busy, busy week!