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15Jun LGP and Outdated Blog

Today I had the pleasure to give a great product presentation. Everything went amazingly well and I’m just delighted with it. For those who want to learn more, here are some links: http://innoveight.biz/ http://www.fe.up.pt/si/noticias_geral.ver_noticia?p_nr=10662 Although, I felt no need to write about it on this blog, meaning one thing: I’m officially putting this aside. Microblogging […]

30Mar Cern’s LHC

First of all, congrats to everyone at CERN, they’ve made it, particles have collided at 7TeV inside the LHC! Now for the fun part, two twits: tiagobold After today’s #LHC collisions at #cern I’m dying to watch the next The Big Bang Theory x) cernch @tiagoboldt Don’t say *I’m dying to ..* Wasn’t this close […]

06Dec Codebits 2009

Wow, that was something! This past 3 days I was at Codebits. That, I have to say, was one of the best tech conferences I’ve ever been.

28Oct Google Gears in Ubuntu

Finally, Gears is available for all 64bit users out there in Ubuntu. If you’re already using karmic, just do: sudo apt-get install gears You’re good to go!

14May Angels & Demons

Just watched Angels & Demons. The story is still very similar to the book, Dan Brown’s masterpiece, which I’ve also read and loved. The soundtrack scores high points in creating a suspense environment. Well, no spoilers here, just try it yourself. A must watch for everyone.

21Mar Jason Mraz

After being really busy in the last months, I’ve finally got some time to myself and bought tickets for Jason Mraz at Coliseu do Porto. It was awesome! It started with two supporting bands, but the sound was really lousy, despites that, the music was nice. I admit that I was really surprised when Jason […]