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14May Updates

After a long time without time, I’ve finally managed to update my WordPress installation and theme. It’s now using the latest 2.5.1 and, I think, it looks neat:) Also, after testing my SSH keys, I’ve found out that they were vulnerable due to a patch in Debian, which made the random number generator guesseable. If […]

16Dec Porto Linux && Xmas C++

Today, the Porto Linux team joined in a nice Christmas dinner. The event started in the beginning of the afternoon, with some Apache talks. I’ve only joined them later in the evening. The conversation was, indeed, interesting, passing through lots of different subjects, from open-source, education and many, many other! It was a nice dinner, […]

02Sep Red Bull Air Race – Smoke On!

Today, after a long time standing and walking from one place to another, searching for a good place among the other 600.000 people, I’ve managed to get a good spot to watch the semi-finals and finals of the Red Bull Air Race, right in front of the control tower, close to the one Carlos did […]

28Aug How to Do Nothing

Doing nothing is actually pretty easy! This past two months I’ve spent them doing exactly that: nothing! Unfortunately, everything that’s good, comes to an end, and this summer is about to end to me! It was spent between Apulia, Esposende, in the north, with my parents, and Alvor, Algarve, where I’ve camped with some friends […]

21Jul Lack of Time

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.. The semester has ended, and I’ve been able to successfully finish all my courses. Between the exams, I’ve lacked not only time for myself, but also for this blog. I’m now going on vacations and I’ll probably have no internet at all for about a month. I’ll try […]

23Jan Busy Week

Almost a week now, since my last post. The work at FEUP has been giving me some really headaches. I’m still a freshman, and the whole new experience is being really great. Despite all the studying hours needed, the people are great, the facilities awesome and I’m really loving it. Yesterday I had my last […]