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05Jul phpFormGenerator

phpFormGenerator is a Form Generator that will reduce a lot your coding time spent on boring forms creation. It is easily used and very intuitive. You can add as many pages as you want, configure colors, security and what to do with the collected data. When you like it ant it is finished, you can […]

19May Coding Night

This has been my first coding night. I’ve got a work to deliver tomorrow for my programming class, and, due to the tests, I’ve never got the chance to finish it before. The work is a simulation problem, coded in C++. We’ve had to simulate a gymnasium, calculating the load of the equipments during the […]

25Apr Technorati Ranks with PHP

I’ve just put up this blog, so, my technorati ranks are not as good as they were. In order to control them, I wrote a small PHP script to write the current date and my rank into a file, appending my rank to that same file every time the script is used. I’ll share it […]