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24Sep Rockstar Classics

GTA has been around for about ten years now, in more than 4 different titles. I’m sure that there are a lot of players out there who will be really interest to know that they can download the entire GTA and GTA2 games from Rockstar Classics website, completely for free! Have fun 😀

07Jul Transformers

I’ve went to see the movie yesterday, and I’ve just LOVED it. I was very excited when, some months ago, I’ve seen the first images from it, and it was exactly what I was expecting. It isn’t probably a movie for everyone, since the story is too fictional, but it is a great movie for […]

24Jun WordPress 2.2.1

It is out, and for those who have upgraded to 2.2.x, upgrade might be a good idea, since it corrects some security issues from the previous versions. Details in here.

01Jun Amazon

Last week, I wasn’t sure if I should buy from Amazon. There were some risks, like the conditions of the book and shipping issues, that could damage the book. Still, I’ve decided to take the chance, and ordered Just For Fun, by Linus Torvalds and David Diamond. The order was placed by May 27, and, […]

31May PHP jobs

Grou.Ps is offering some positions in their company, in Silicon Valley, for web developers. The news in this, is their innovative way of reaching the possible future employees: PHP Engineer (ref #001) $q1 = Are you a master PHP Ninja? $q2 = Excel at object oriented PHP, MVC pattern, Smarty template engine, caching practices and […]

30May WordPress 2.2

This version is already out for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve waited a little bit before the upgrade. It all went smooth, and nothing got broken. Still, the new widgets management system has confused my old theme, and I’ll have to reconfigure it. There are some new features, including (quoted) : WordPress Widgets […]