Wow, that was something!

This past 3 days I was at Codebits. That, I have to say, was one of the best tech conferences I’ve ever been.

In the first day, the workshops were really interesting, and quick enough to never get boring, so that we could jump right to the next one, keeping it always interesting.

Second day, after 6 hours sleeping at Living Loung Hostel (recommended), we’ve arrived just in time of learning from Mitch Altman about his Tv-B-Gone and how to stick with an idea until we can make it come true. He’s a truly inspiring person, maybe one of the most interesting workshop there, despites not being technical at all. He also had a place were he was teaching people on how to make you’re on tv-b-gone and other gadgets.

After lunch, the hacking begun. Along with some friends, we’ve started hacking a web platform for creating and managing journeys. The idea came from the bus travel, were we’ve thought that it could be nice to plan a travel online, with some guidance on means of transportation and points of interest to see. The ideas started to flow, but the time to implement was short, so you’ve managed to create a nice prototype, using SAPO services for getting information and twitter for status updates and a couple more of things. Only later we’ve leaned that the idea of the contest was way far from that, there was no need to actually have something operational, so the project didn’t get much notice, but we’ve learned a lot from it.

We’ll back next year  for sure:)