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14May Updates

After a long time without time, I’ve finally managed to update my WordPress installation and theme. It’s now using the latest 2.5.1 and, I think, it looks neat:) Also, after testing my SSH keys, I’ve found out that they were vulnerable due to a patch in Debian, which made the random number generator guesseable. If […]

05Jun Print Screen

The old P*, in which I was aggregated, has got an awesome face lift. The looks were completely redesigned, and it is now know has Print Screen, yes, like that little button on most keyboards. Despites still being only a Portuguese blogger community, the project has the capability to expand one day, and it is […]

23Mar Introduction

Well, it seems that shutdown day has not affected my laptop! My blog has been accepted into too planets which I really admire. Ubuntu Weblogs and, now, P*. I’ve been following both of them since they went online, so, it is really an honor to join both of those teams. For those of you who […]

22Mar Ubuntu Weblogs

First of all, congratulation to gouki, who as recently been accepted as an Ubuntu Member. Second, Hello World, from Ubuntu Weblogs. This is a planet, using planetplanet to manage the feeds. Ubuntu Weblogs is an aggregation of public weblogs written by Ubuntu GNU/Linux users. I’ve been following this planet since it went online, and I’ve […]