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26Sep Linux Course at FEUP

Today, I’ve had the pleasure to join the IEEE team from FEUP, in a course to everyone interested, about, not only the services available at the faculty, but mainly about Linux, specifically, Ubuntu. I wasn’t exactly sure how well I would be as a speaker, since I never had the need to speech to older […]

21Jul Lack of Time

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.. The semester has ended, and I’ve been able to successfully finish all my courses. Between the exams, I’ve lacked not only time for myself, but also for this blog. I’m now going on vacations and I’ll probably have no internet at all for about a month. I’ll try […]

23Mar Introduction

Well, it seems that shutdown day has not affected my laptop! My blog has been accepted into too planets which I really admire. Ubuntu Weblogs and, now, P*. I’ve been following both of them since they went online, so, it is really an honor to join both of those teams. For those of you who […]

23Jan Busy Week

Almost a week now, since my last post. The work at FEUP has been giving me some really headaches. I’m still a freshman, and the whole new experience is being really great. Despite all the studying hours needed, the people are great, the facilities awesome and I’m really loving it. Yesterday I had my last […]