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04May pidgin.im Redesigned

The old gaim has got more than just a new name. It has got itself a new mascot! Guess what, a pidgin! I’ve just discovered it in the redesigned pidgin.im website. I really have to try it and see these new changes!

01May Pidgin – Final beta release

Pidgin, previously know has Gaim, has just reached 2.0.0beta7. This appears to be the last beta release, before the the final 2.0, which will be released, probably, by the end of this week. Being Gaim one of the most used IM clients in Linux, I’ll be looking forward to see how improved this new version […]

08Apr Gaim has become Pidgin

Probably, every Linux user out there knows GAIM, the instant messaging client for Linux. Well, due to some legal problems with AOL, this great project has changed it’s name to Pidgin. The story was covered in slashdot. They now have a new URL, pidgin.im. GAIM Pidgin is a fast and light IM client, best integrated […]