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10Jan Sidebar Categories in Nautilus

After Apple released the categorized sidebar in finder, GNOME developers thought that it would look nice to have something similar in nautilus. There’s already work being done, you can follow it in the bug page, but, in the end, we’ll probably get something like this:

11Mar Gnome-Do

Recent gnome’s project, gnome-do, is awesome! For anyone not aware of it, you just time almost anything you want to do, and gnome will..Well, Do it! I’ve tried Queen, and the music started playing, a nick from a friend, and the conversation is open with pidgin, some page I’ve visited, and I get there imidiatly, […]

28Nov Coding for Students

Do you love open source? Would you like to learn how to program? Are you a student who’s not yet reached university? Are you aged 13 or above? This is for you! Google’s Higly Open Participation Contest will bring together young developers and open-source. They’ve gathered some great projects, like Apache, GNOME, Python, and many […]

31Mar Edubuntu Icon Set

Some days ago, while browsing the edubuntu home page, after seeing some screenshots, I got interested in the cartoonish icons they were using by default in gnome. Today, I’ve decided to install this icon set in my machine, I’ve searched the repositories and, after a while, the gnome-icon-theme-gartoon package was installed. It appeared right away […]

11Mar XP Themes

Everyone is talking about making Linux look like Windows. The start menu, The icons, the everything! So, I really thought it to be a good idea, when I read in tux vermelho about making Windows look like Linux. Gnome, to be more precise! In order to do this, you should download belchfire to be able […]