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03Oct Ubuntu 7.10 – Spread the Word

As said, Ubuntu 7.10 is coming, with really nice new features! If you want to, you can add an Ubuntu powered countdown script to any website, just like the following one: <img id=”countdownimage” src=”http://www.ubuntu.com/files/countdown/dist/710countdown_default.png” width=”199″ height=”164″ alt=”Ubuntu 7.10 – Coming soon”> P.S.:Not viewable through some feed readers.

27Jun Updated to Gutsy

I’ve successfully updated my Ubuntu system with a simple: sudo update-manager -cd It took less than thirty minutes, but, as expected, it brought me some issues. The first problem I’ve encountered was with network-manager applet, which crashed every time I’ve tried to access a secure network. The second one, and most annoying, are the fonts, […]