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02May Ubuntu cds

I’ve just received my order of 20 Ubuntu cds from ShipIt. This was much faster then I thought. You can order your cds anytime, just register your launchpad account, and complete the ShipIt form. I’m now trying Edubuntu through Virtual Box. Thank you Canonical!

02Apr Launchpad out of *private* beta

Launchpad, the web interface managing Ubuntu bugs and packages and a lot of other projects, has finally came out of beta private beta. It is all 2.0 now, more usable, but, the most important about web2.0, it looks really much better! 😛

20Feb Ubuntu bugs

As it is know, Ubuntu has got an excellent bug report/support system, through launchpad. Now, you can see the stats on how many bugs are open, how many are unassigned, unconfirmed and critical. Thank you carthik