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18Apr Hardy cds

The latest Ubuntu version is almost out of the oven! With less than a week remaining, cds are already ready for your orders! Go ahead, place your request at ShipIt from canonical, and have your cds freely shipped to you. Order some extra, spread the love, offer them to your friends and neighbors!

09Oct Shipit is Shipping It

With less than 10 days remaining to the release of the 7.10 Ubuntu version, ShipIt is already accepting pre-orders for the free cd’s. So, go on, order and spread them 😀

02Oct Ubuntu 7.10

The Gutsy Gibbon is on it’s way! The date is already scheduled to October 18th, and cd’s will be freely available, as usual, through ShipIt. You can learn about the blueprints for Gutsy on Launchpad.

11Apr Feisty is shipping

Ubuntu’s ShipIt is already accepting orders for free feisty cds! Unfortunately, we can no longer order large amounts of cds. I’ve already ordered my 3 feisty cd’s, go get yours: Ubuntu Edubuntu Kubuntu

04Apr Ubuntu Shipit

Marco has just blogged about the recent ShipIt status. I was in doubt if Feisty would be freely shipped, since Edgy was not. Well, there is no confirmation, but the ShipIt site says: ShipIt is currently closed while we prepare for the Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) release. We’ll be back in a few days. That […]