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20Dec Install fglrx in Karmic

It’s been a long time since I started to use Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic. The main frustration over it was that I was unable to get my ATI Radeon HD3650 to work with the proprietary driver. A kernel panic would happen when X started.. Since the open-source drivers still don’t work that well with the HD […]

28Oct Google Gears in Ubuntu

Finally, Gears is available for all 64bit users out there in Ubuntu. If you’re already using karmic, just do: sudo apt-get install gears You’re good to go!

27Mar Ubuntu 9.04 Beta

I’ve been using jaunty for a couple of weeks now, and, despites the issue with ati cards, I thinks that there’s a really good Ubuntu release coming out! But, the beta is out, go on, download, test and enjoy it yourself!

24Apr Ubuntu 8.04 is out!

With a bunch of changes, the Canonical supported Linux distribution is ready for you to download it, and see that, indeed, Linux can be for Human Beings!! Quick post in a busy, busy week!

18Apr Hardy cds

The latest Ubuntu version is almost out of the oven! With less than a week remaining, cds are already ready for your orders! Go ahead, place your request at ShipIt from canonical, and have your cds freely shipped to you. Order some extra, spread the love, offer them to your friends and neighbors!

11Mar Gnome-Do

Recent gnome’s project, gnome-do, is awesome! For anyone not aware of it, you just time almost anything you want to do, and gnome will..Well, Do it! I’ve tried Queen, and the music started playing, a nick from a friend, and the conversation is open with pidgin, some page I’ve visited, and I get there imidiatly, […]