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02Apr Launchpad out of *private* beta

Launchpad, the web interface managing Ubuntu bugs and packages and a lot of other projects, has finally came out of beta private beta. It is all 2.0 now, more usable, but, the most important about web2.0, it looks really much better! 😛

13Feb IMified

IMified is a middle point between your IM application and your blog, calendar and what else they will enable it to do. Basically, You’re able to talk to IMified contact and tell it to appoint you a new meeting, post a certain blog, … WHY SHOULD I USE IT? Because you shouldn’t have to launch […]

07Feb Web 2.0

I’ve just found a pretty nice video with a self-explanatory demonstration of what web 2.0 is all about. It shows google, youtube, flickr, wikipedia and a lot more of those sites that are changing our everyday living. It’s just awesome how the cooperation is showed, and web 2.0 opened up.