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07Oct Vixta

Made in somewhere in Braga, Portugal, by someone who’s not claiming the merit, Vixta is a new Linux distribution, developed to allow a smooth switch for Windows Vista Users to a Linux system. It has been built based on the dev version of Fedora 8, it uses KDE and it looks nice indeed. It might […]

27Feb Windows XP Privilage Escalation

As all of us have probably already heard off, privilege escalation, or, vulgarly, become admin, in Windows XP is not that hard. These guys have it all explained, video included! You just need access to the machine. Wanna now how?

28Jan Debian on Windows

Following the Ubuntu installer for Windows initiative, Debian has just released their on version of the operative system installer in an .exe, for those who want to just try this operative system. This, just like the Ubuntu version, can be uninstalled through the add/remove programs in windows, just like any other program! Download and infos […]