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14May Updates

After a long time without time, I’ve finally managed to update my WordPress installation and theme. It’s now using the latest 2.5.1 and, I think, it looks neat:) Also, after testing my SSH keys, I’ve found out that they were vulnerable due to a patch in Debian, which made the random number generator guesseable. If […]

29Sep Blog updated and restructured

I’m now using the latest wordpress 2.3. Despites the not so friendly installation, everything is now up and running, and I’ve even managed to use the time on it to restruture my theme. The lack of time was keeping me with the previous ugly one. Now I like the looks of my blog. Note to […]

24Jun WordPress 2.2.1

It is out, and for those who have upgraded to 2.2.x, upgrade might be a good idea, since it corrects some security issues from the previous versions. Details in here.

30May WordPress 2.2

This version is already out for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve waited a little bit before the upgrade. It all went smooth, and nothing got broken. Still, the new widgets management system has confused my old theme, and I’ll have to reconfigure it. There are some new features, including (quoted) : WordPress Widgets […]

26Apr Restarting

Well, it seems that the previous theme broke some of my wordpress functionalities, so, I’ve decided to use the good old K2, and customize it myself, as time passes by. Sorry for any inconvenience.

24Apr Niath’s new home

It is with great pleasure that I’m announcing to everyone that Niath’s new home is finally ready. I’ve registered a new domain, tiagoboldt.net, and the blog is now hosted in tiagoboldt.net/blog. I changed the theme a little bit, I’ll write about some of those changes later. Please tell me what you’ve thought about it! Enjoy